Trinket Sew Along Fat Eighth Bundle (40 F8th)

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This bundle has been curated specifically for the Trinket Sew Along hosted by Alison Glass starting March 11th, 2019.   For more details on the sew along check out the Alison Glass website here.

The bundle contains 40 fat eighths of rainbow delight from Andover Fabrics' designers including: Alison Glass, Libs Elliott and Lizzy House. 

Each fat eighth measures approximately 9" x 22" in length.   Each bundle is made in the shop for you! 

 Fabrics in the bundle are as follows:

Sun Prints 2019- Alison Glass

Path Lake

Path Jade

Path Conifer

Path Happy

Path Gallant

Collection Turtle

Collection Pencil

Collection Chartreuse

Collection Hearts

Collection Strawberry

Collection Sailboat

Day Dream Lucky
Day Dream Dream

Day Dream Clover

Libs Elliott - Mix Tape 

You Shook Me Valentine

You Shook Me Sun

Lick It Up Blood Red

Lick It Up Turquoise

April Skies Clementine 

April Skies Hyancinth

Heart of Glass Rhubarb

Heart of Glass Dusty Blue

Tainted Love Violet

Tainted Love Emerald (Note this fabric is not pictured but in the bundle in place of Come on Over Emerald).

Satisfaction Deep Purple

Satisfaction Sky

Satisfaction Citron

Satisfaction Sun 

Come on Over Tangerine

Come on Over Violet

Come on Over Sapphire

Lizzy House Constellations


Light Teal