Libs Elliott Mix Tape Come on Over Tangerine

SKU: 8867-O

In the words of Libs Elliott.... 

When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to record cassette tapes of our favourite songs and give them to one another. It took plenty of love and effort to curate the perfect songs to include in these ‘Mixtapes’, especially when you knew who would be listening. I can see now that we do the same thing with our quilting. We pull fabrics and mix them together specifically with the recipient in mind. We send our work out into the world and hope the person receiving it cherishes it. So this fabric collection is my ‘Mixtape’ to all of you. Make beautiful things with it for the people you love


100% Quilting Quality Cotton

44"-45" wide

Fabric is sold by fat quarter (approx. 18"x22") and higher.  If you want to order a larger quantity please enter the correct quantity.  Yardage is measured by the yard.

For example:

Fat Quarter =1 

Half Yard = 2

Full Yard = 4

and so on.... you get the idea :)

If you would like long fat quarters ( 10" WOF), please put the request in the gift notes on checkout and we will accommodate!